Hogwarts Legacy Quidditch DLC could be free

Hogwarts Legacy is already out, and first impressions of the game confirm that Warner Bros. Games wasn’t lying. It’s a very polished game that even the most insignificant details will move Harry Potter fans inside. But, just 20 minutes into the story, something very important has been confirmed: Quidditch is not available for the time being. Instead, we should expect Hogwarts Legacy Quidditch DLC.

This, without a doubt, confirms our theory that this iconic sport of the Harry Potter universe will arrive as DLC. And as we all know, video game companies love to charge extra for new game modes like this one. After all, excluding a key feature could allow them to squeeze extra money out of players.

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But would you believe it if I told you that Warner Bros. Games might release the Quidditch DLC for Hogwarts Legacy for free? Read on as we explain this new theory we have.

A series of very well-calculated “bad” decisions

Hogwarts Legacy has arrived but with some complications. Due to a scheduling problem, many players have found that they can play Hogwarts Legacy starting today. But, even the most perfect thing can have something wrong with it. So, this early release of the game, and the decision not to introduce Quidditch at launch, make us think something about Warner Bros. Games: What if, each of these decisions has been carefully thought out to increase the impact of the game?

Hogwarts Legacy Quidditch

That’s not a crazy thing to think about. In the industry, we’ve seen different marketing strategies that create adversarial situations at game launches to enhance or create a greater impact. Although the “change” of Hogwarts Legacy‘s release date is not the most important thing, the decision not to introduce quidditch at launch is an indication that everything is coldly calculated.

The game, in less than 30 minutes of gameplay, clearly explains that we will not be able to play Quidditch during the first year of Hogwarts Legacy. In addition to confirming our theory, it is common to think that this is a clear strategy to charge players even more, but this may not be the case. After all the current problems of companies in the industry, Warner Bros. Games with this release can position itself as one of the most solid companies in the industry today.

And the best way to do that is to give something away to players that they want. In this way, you make players feel loved and important. Therefore, you achieve a greater affinity between players and the company. This is why we believe that Warner Bros. Games will decide to release this DLC for free.

Still, this is only a theory. Maybe we say all this, and then at E3 Warner Bros. Games announces the DLC for $39.99. Or maybe once again our theory will come true. Either way, fans can now enjoy Hogwarts Legacy even without Quidditch.

What do you think? Should the Hogwarts Legacy Quidditch DLC be free? Let us know!