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Hold ‘Em Review

Developer: Stand Alone Publisher: Stand Alone
Release Date: January 31, 2005 Also On: None

I might not throw out hordes of cash in the real world on poker, but in the virtual world, let’s just say, I’m a high roller. At least I try to be, foolishly, at times. Since I could barely qualify as anything above a novice, video game poker games have always interested me. The not losing any money part is the best part about it. Now you can take Texas Hold ‘Em on the road with you, thanks to Stand Alone.

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First let me say that I’m aware of only one other Texas Hold ‘Em game on the Palm OS, that being Aces Texas Hold ‘Em from Concrete Soft. I won’t make direct comparisons between the two, as I haven’t played the other game. Most online stores offer demos though, so if this review isn’t adequate, feel free to try both games before you purchase either.

Hold ‘Em’s strength is the huge variety displayed in its artificial intelligent engine. You can select from smart, tight, loose, stupid, paranoid, bluffing, and erratic computer players. The bluffing computer will raise the pot constantly, so if you’re low on cash, feel free to either wipe him out of the race, simply done by selecting him, or change his setting.

At anytime throughout the game, there are convenient markers to select from. In the bottom left, you can press an ‘abc’ button to display the names of each player above their graphic. By pressing the dollar sign in the bottom right hand corner of the screen, you can display the amount of cash each player has on hand, how much was laid for bets, and how much is in the pot.

The graphics engine, while not overly spiffy, gets the job done as it is expected on a Palm platform. You have two to ten players to play against, along with the different personality types that I talked about earlier. Also another thing to remember is the graphics will show emotions, giving you possible clues as to what their hand might foretell.

If you spend weekends playing cards with your friends, Hold ‘Em from Stand Alone might be irresistible. Poker aficionados will find pleasure in this, despite a lack of a tournament setting, and casual poker players, like myself, we’ll equally enjoy the experience. For the price of $11.95, there’s really no way you can lose.

Graphics: 6
Sound: N/A
Gameplay: 9
Creativity: 8
Replay Value/Game Length: 9
Final: 8
Written by Kyle Review Guide