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A permadeath action-RPG adventure that will captivate you with its engaging gameplay.

In collaboration with Deck13 Spotlight, developer Sean Weech has announced the release of his new action RPG on Steam Early Access. Holomento, a game where gameplay reigns supreme, aims to catch the imagination of genre aficionados.

An RPG where the gameplay is the most important thing

A hazardous and wonderful mission awaits players in Holomento. All players must work together to resurrect a mysterious universe that, with each successful adventure or encounter, rebuilds Eventide Hollow. This is due to a dreadful curse that existed before your arrival when Eventide Hollow sank into waste and ruin. The Holoment was both the cause of the curse and your sole defense against it.


The continually shifting environment, the option to visit businesses to acquire stuff, whether weapons or armor, and the frequent emergence of foes are only some of the game’s random aspects as you fight and progress. It’s difficult, but when mixed with skill and understanding of enemy characteristics, players can come out on top.

“What marks Holomento as unique, challenging, and must-see is not only the variety of lands, enemies, RPG activities but with each successful conquest, Eventide Hollow slowly comes back to life,” said Sean Weech, developer and designer of Holomento.

A title designed for fans of the genre

This edition, which is now available on Steam Early Access, offers a continent of lands, each unique, detailed, and alive, with a beautifully crafted and smooth line of progression as you proceed. Your initial task, which will continue indefinitely, is to gather experience, weaponry, and information, a simple concept made exciting/immersive by the great atmosphere communicated.

Use the materials you’ve gathered on your journey to rebuild cities and restore life back to the Hollow. Sean Weech intends to add many additional dungeons to this early access version of the game, in addition to The Sewers, every few months. His objective is to create the best action-RPG that fits the demands of genre enthusiasts with the support of the community.

Holomento is available now on Steam Early Access for PC. Sean Weech plans to release the final version of the game next year.

Watch the game trailer below!