Honor of Kings: World is Tencent’s new action RPG

Honor of Kings: World

Honor of Kings: World is an action RPG taken from the Arena of Valor universe that seeks to conquer audiences outside of Asia.

Honor of Kings: World, an open-world action RPG inspired on the massive mobile hit, Arena of Valor, has been unveiled by Tencent Games and developer TiMi Studio Group.

Arena of Valor, despite being aimed at audiences outside of Asia, has been a huge hit in Asian countries and less so in Western ones. Arena of Valor is a fighting game for iOS and Android that was published in 2015. According to TiMi Studio Group, it is the first game to surpass 100 million active players globally, and it consistently ranks among the top games in terms of income.

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Still, TiMi Studio intends to capture new gaming markets with Honor of Kings: World, which is why the developer is aiming for a worldwide and multi-platform release, which is expected to include PC and next-generation consoles.

Honor of Kings: World is more than just an action RPG. The images, cinematics, and gameplay in the game’s presentation video have a highly cinematic and polished tone. This is due to science fiction writer Liu Cixin, who will be in charge of bringing this image of Japanese aesthetics and culture to a blockbuster that seeks to become a new hit in both Asian and Western markets.

No release date or platform information has been revealed yet. The only information, apart from the above, is that the game will be tested in Asian countries and then will be implemented globally in a mass release in different markets and platforms.

Watch the reveal trailer of Honor of Kings: World down below!

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