Hoplegs brings unconventional platforming to Steam and Switch


Independent game studio WhyKev has released their unconventional and entertaining platformer Hoplegs on Steam Early Access.

Hoplegs is a unique platformer centered on a moving box with four legs and unorthodox controls. Each of the four buttons on your Xbox gamepad (or assigned keys on your keyboard) – where you normally leap, interact, or crouch – controls one of your legs. Master this one-of-a-kind method of controlling your character to navigate through a wide range of levels from both the developer and community.

It comes from WhyKev, an independent game studio founded by Kevin Andersson in October 2019. The company is dedicated to bringing polished and personal games that leave lasting memories on players. He previously worked at Zoink as a level designer and later as a producer for several games. 

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After Zoink, Andersson co-founded Elden Pixels with the role of a programmer and worked on games for multiple platforms. But now, as an indie solo developer, the focus is working on games that are personally fulfilling to him.


Design your own levels

The game is story-based in a medieval world where players can build. Aside from single-player, you can also share custom levels with the Hoplegs Level Editor and compete against other players in the leaderboard. It is sure to give players hours of fun with maybe some moments of rage here and there as well.


Hoplegs is available now on PC via Steam for $17.99. However, you’ll get 10 percent off as a launch discount. WhyKev has announced that a Nintendo Switch is on its way at a later date.

Watch a trailer for the game below!

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