How Do You Live? Hayao Miyazaki returns from retirement to direct his last film

How Do You Live? Hayao Miyazaki

After seven years, Japanese film legend Hayao Miyazaki returns for his final film.

If you are a fan of anime or Japanese culture, you know what Studio Ghibli is, and therefore, the famous director Hayao Miyazaki. Seven years after he announced his retirement, he will return to the screen once again with his next and final film titled How Do You Live?

The new film was announced in an extensive interview given by Hayao Miyazaki and Toshio Suzuki through the New York Times. How Do You Live? is an adaptation of the 1937 book of the same name. It comes from author Yoshino Genzaburo.

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Miyazaki unexpectedly returns

The return of Hayao Miyazaki – director of important works of animated cinema such as Spirited Away, The Walking Castle, My Neighbor Totoro, and Princess Mononoke – has taken everyone by surprise, including everyone within Studio Ghibli. No one believed that the legendary director would return for one last time.

Toshio Suzuki, co-founder of Studio Ghibli, was among several at the animation studio who did not believe this return. The producer, on the other hand, recognized that the picture had to be created when Miyazaki informed him about it, as one of Suzuki’s well-known mottos has always been “Studio Ghibli’s purpose has always been to make Miyazaki films.”

Returning to the roots of Studio Ghibli

How Do You Live? is a coming-of-age story about a 15-year-old kid named Koperu who lives with his uncle in Tokyo, Japan. Miyazaki’s adaption has been described as “a large-scale fantasy” by Suzuki.

How Do You Live? Hayao Miyazaki

Although Miyazaki’s son’s last Studio Ghibli film, Earwig and the Witch, was a success and attracted new audiences with its engaging 3D animation, animated film purists, anime fans, and Studio Ghibli fans miss Miyazaki’s unique artistry with hand-drawn sets that look like watercolor paintings, which is expected to happen with Miyazaki’s return.