How to add or change forum avatars

How to add or change avatars on the forums

Show off your personality with custom forum avatars.

Last month, we announced that the Game Freaks 365 Forums are back. Now we’re adding a new feature: the ability to upload custom avatars.

Avatars let you express yourself. Whether it is 8-bit pixel art, a cartoon image of yourself, or your favorite video game character, the possibilities for creative expression are endless!

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How to add or change forum avatars

Follow these steps to add or change your avatar:

  1. Click your username at the top right of the page and select User Control Panel.
  2. Select the Profile tab and then click Edit Avatar from the sidebar options. If you have an existing avatar, it will display on this page.
  3. Under Avatar Type, select Upload Avatar.
  4. Under Upload from your machine, select Choose File. A window will pop up.
  5. Double click the image file that you want to upload and click Submit.

Currently, the maximum dimensions are 100×100 pixels. The max file size is 10.00 KiB. We recommend that you resize the image in Photoshop or a website that allows you to resize images.

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