How to become a Master Blacksmith fast in Skyrim

In this guide for the Elder Scrolls V, let’s discuss how to become a Master Blacksmith fast in Skyrim. The purpose of this guide is to try and reach level 100 in Smithing without cheating or glitching.

How to become a Master Blacksmith fast in Skyrim

First places to go

After escaping Helgen, make your way to Riverwood, as you do in every playthrough. Meet Alvor the blacksmith in the town who’s kind enough to show you the way around the forge. He will guide you, helping you to make and upgrade an Iron Dagger and a Hide Helmet. Doing this small side quest introduces you to the Smithing mechanics and will even grant you a level or two.

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Next, go back the way you came to Riften and reach the Embershard mine. You can’t miss it because a Mine icon will display on your compass. This mine is just near the road. Enter the mine. Be mindful that there are a lot of bandits here. But they’re very low level. As you explore this mine, you will find a pickaxe. Keep it because you’ll need it later on. Deeper in the Embershard Mine, you’ll find a forge. Kill the bandit that’s operating it and you will find a Blacksmithing Skill book named “Light Armor Forging” on the nearby workbench.

Now it’s time to make some stuff. Gather a few pieces of Iron Ingots nearby and create whatever items you can with the help of the forge. Don’t drop these items you create (maybe drop a few if they become too heavy to carry) because you’ll be selling these later.

On your way out of the Embershard mine, use your newfound Pickaxe to mine for Ore. Take as much ore as you possibly can carry.

How to become a Master Blacksmith fast in Skyrim

Also, kill a couple of wild animals like wolves or deer and collect their pelts. You’ll need them later. Now with your freshly-made items and the ore you mined from Embershard mine, head to Whiterun.

Whiterun and the Skyforge

First of all, you’re not going to head straight up to the Skyforge. Instead, meet Adrianne Avenicci. Sell the items you made at the Embershard mine to her. Then you should head to the Smelter just near the Warmaiden’s shop (it’s where Adrianne is making her weapons). Now make the ore you mined from the Embershard mine into Ingots.

Now’s a good time to make the animal pelts into leather and create even more items with your new ingots. All of this will raise your smithing skill, little by little. In this way, you’ll also earn a considerable amount of Septims. Save these as you’ll need them later.

How to become a Master Blacksmith fast in Skyrim

After earning some good money from smithing and gaining a few levels, go meet Eorlund Gray-Mane, your new teacher, at the Skyforge. Note that you need to complete the first quest in the Companions questline (Take Up Arms) in order for him to teach you about smithing.

Now, ask him to teach you about Smithing. You can learn from him five times per every character level. This is where the money you earned by selling your products come in. You’ll need a lot of money to keep learning from him. He’s the greatest blacksmith in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, after all. I highly suggest bounty hunting and seeking out and selling many items to keep your purses full.

That’s the cycle of what you need to do: Mine, smith, sell, learn, and repeat. In order to make faster progress, let’s see some other things we can do.

Reading Skill books

How to become a Master Blacksmith fast in Skyrim

When you talk with blacksmiths, check their book inventory to find buy smithing skill books that will grant you one level per new book read. Many smithing skill books can be found in the world as well. Pay careful attention to the details in mines you explore and you’re likely to find smithing skill books where there’s a forge.

The Warrior Stone

The Warrior Stone grants you more experience in combat skills. Oddly, this blessing also grants you a bonus in Smithing experience. You can find this Standing stone just after exiting Helgen. Odds are you’ve already found it. It’s just near the road you walk on to reach Riverwood. Can’t miss it.

Kolskeggr Mine

Kolskeggr Mine is a gold mine located in the Reach (Markath Hold) and Pavo Attius owns it. There’s a side quest for you to clear this mine of enemies, and you may need to be better equipped for this. In any case, there are 17 gold ore veins in this mine. Mine from them and gather as much gold ore as you can. You can use this ore (after you make them into ingots in a smelter) to smith Gold Rings. These sell for a good amount of Septims and this is a great way for you to earn a lot of money while leveling up Smithing subsequently.

Of course, the Kolskeggr Mine is not the only place to find gold ore. There are gold ore veins in the exteriors as well. The more gold ore you can find, the better.

Also, know that every ore vein respawns after thirty in-game days. So, if you’re patient enough, you can keep mining for ore for eternity. A very good way to honestly and cleanly earn money.

What do you think? Do you have more suggestions for how to become a Master Blacksmith fast in Skyrim? Let us know!