Xbox Series X
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How to buy Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X

Don’t know how to get your hands on an Xbox Series X? Don’t worry, we explain it to you.

The Xbox Series X has been a huge success for Microsoft. The console is not only a major advancement on its predecessor, but it is also selling like hotcakes. In fact, finding one has been quite difficult for almost two straight years! The shortage has led many to ask how to buy Xbox Series X.

However, the whole console shortage problem has called into question how well this new generation of consoles has been doing. Since it is not as easy to get one as in past generations. Therefore, we will explain today how you can get your hands on an Xbox Series X console despite all the chip shortages.

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Why is the Xbox Series X a success?

The Xbox Series X has been a huge success. The Xbox X Series, while not yet having a large catalog of exclusive games, has a large number of options to play. Not only do you have the option of backward compatibility and Smart Delivery to play games from previous Xbox generations but you also have Xbox Game Pass, a lot of games released with this new generation of consoles in mind, and a great lineup of future releases.

In addition, Xbox has focused on offering gamers the best possible gaming experience. Therefore, both the aesthetics and the fluidity of the OS make it a very appealing option. And if you are one of those looking to play retro games from other consoles on current consoles, Microsoft also gives you the option to do so officially (in part).

Without a doubt, the Xbox Series X is a well-rounded package that – regardless of price or console scarcity – makes it a great option for gamers.

How has the chip shortage affected this new generation of consoles?

As you may have heard, the chip shortage problem has affected the production of the Xbox Series X. The lack of chips has caused Microsoft to cap the production of the consoles. This means that is not easy to get your hands on an Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5 even as you can easily find an Xbox Series S.

Xbox Series X S price

So what will happen when the shortage finally ends? Well, because there was such a high demand for the Xbox Series X, we expect there will be even more interest in the console.

This can result in two variants: the first is that Microsoft will lower the price and we can get a console much more cheaply and easily, and the second is that we can get the consoles much more easily but with a lower price. Still, we recommend all gamers keep an eye out for future updates on the chip shortage. This way, you can make buy an Xbox Series X at the right time.

How to buy Xbox Series X

Now that you know what the Xbox Series X offers, let’s talk about how to buy one during the chip shortage. To get your hands on an Xbox Series X, you can go to the official Microsoft Store or Amazon. Even so, we do not assure you that you will be able to get a console easily. If neither of those sites has the system in stock, here’s how to reserve an Xbox Series X on Amazon.

It is also recommended that you access sites such as eBay, Craigslist, or any online department store like Walmart and look for the console. Due to the shortage of consoles, the prices are very inflated compared to the normal retail price though.

Want to save some money? You can find a refurbished Xbox Series X at GameStop. GameStop also has a number of Xbox console bundles both for Series X and Series S including Xbox All Access. The Xbox All Access option includes 24 months of Xbox Game Pass.

In terms of pricing, it depends on where you’re buying from and whether they’re selling new or used items. Officially, the retail price of the Xbox Series X is $499. Even so, as we previously said, it’ll be difficult to find one for that price, especially as the holiday season approaches.

Also, if you find it for the retail price, you may not receive the console right away. Instead, you may be put on a waiting list and receive the console at a later date. However, doing so at this time of the year may be a bad decision, as another shortage is expected due to the holiday season. Therefore, if you decide to get the console by other means, you could find it in the $519.99 to $699.99 price range.