How to get 100 Speech quickly in Skyrim

This is a guide on how to get 100 Speech quickly in Skyrim without exploits, bugs, or glitches. There are ways to get to the maximum Speech level in mere minutes, but those exploitative ways make the game less enjoyable. Therefore, we will only use gameplay features to raise our Speech level to the maximum.

My Master Blacksmith Guide will be useful

How to get 100 Speech quickly in Skyrim

I have already written a descriptive guide on how to become a Master Blacksmith fast in Skyrim. In it, I’ve listed the ways you can mine for ore and smith valuable jewelry. Selling any items at shops slowly levels up Speech, and by smithing and selling the jewelry, you earn Smithing experience, Money, and Speech experience. Very efficient.

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How to get 100 Speech quickly in Skyrim

As you explore the richly-detailed world of Skyrim, be sure to keep an eye out for alchemical ingredients. Collect these and… eat them to understand their effects. Collect a good amount of alchemical ingredients and return to a city. Now you must craft potions with the ingredients. This will raise your Alchemy and that’s also useful. Craft many potions, draughts, and elixirs and sell the ones you don’t want. Selling items gives you Speech experience and you can then use the money you earned from selling the Smithing supplies and Potions for our next section.

Skill Trainers

How to get 100 Speech quickly in Skyrim

Choosing a good teacher is key to becoming a good student. So, we will seek the best teacher for our Speechcraft learning needs. For this, we will need to visit the Bards College of Solitude. You can partake in a beautiful questline in this college, but that’s a topic for another time.

Giraud Gemane is a renowned author and an intelligent Breton man. You will not find a master more suitable for a gifted student such as yourself anywhere else in the province. Talk with your new teacher and pay him to train you. You can gain five levels of Speech per character level. When you obtain 50 Speech or more, the rates of the teacher will increase substantially. This is where the money from your trades comes in handy. As a good student, you also need to practice by yourself; but we already established the ways to do so in the above sections.

Free Skill Training Opportunities

There are a few side objectives you can accomplish to gain more experience in Speechcraft.

Talk to Inge Six Fingers at the Bards College and retrieve an item for her to teach you.

Malur Seloth is a shady character residing in the inn of Winterhold. Speak to him and begin the side objective to steal a staff.

Ysolda at Whiterunwill train you to be better at Speech when you fetch her a Mammoth’s tusk.

Azzadal is a ghost who tragically perished after attempting a life-or-death stunt at the Bard’s Leap Summit. Speak with this rather friendly spectre to engage in a fun activity and earn a point in Speechcraft in the process.

Reading Skill Books

How to get 100 Speech quickly in Skyrim

There are a lot of skill books scattered throughout the world of Skyrim. You will definitely come across them in your travels. Read them to gain skill levels in many skills, not just Speech.

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