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How to get the best early-game revolver in Fallout New Vegas

In this guide, let’s learn how to get the best early-game revolver in Fallout New Vegas. There are a couple of prerequisites to getting this gun, and this guide explains how to get it as fast as possible.

Location: Primm

How to get the best early-game revolver in Fallout New Vegas

Primm is one of the first towns you’ll arrive in. It looks quite depressing and gloomy, but that’s a subject for another time. In the Bison Steve Hotel, there’s a locked safe with a Hard Lock. The Lucky Revolver, which is a unique variant of the common .357 Revolver, is in this safe. You can find this safe in the gift shop which is on the left after entering the hotel and passing through the doorway. Behind the counter of this abandoned gift shop, the safe is on the ground. If you pay attention and search the room (as you should. This is a post-apocalyptic game, after all), you’ll also find some Bottle Caps and a copy of a Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor skill book. This book increases your Barter Skill by 3 points permanently.

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Unlocking the safe

This is the tricky part. Because you’re still in the lower levels, unlocking this safe can be impossible without 75 Lockpick skill, which is a lot. If you put many points in the Lockpick category when starting the game, it’ll be easier to open the safe. But there’s a high chance that you’ll need to level up more and invest in the Lockpick skill, which I highly recommend because it’s an essential skill for item collectors. Do quests and kill enemies in order to gain levels fast (an obvious tip, I know). Get your Lockpicking skill to more than 62. It’s easier than it sounds. You will also need to find some Mentats and a Lockpicking magazine. Let’s see how you can get them.

Finding Mentats and a Lockpicking magazine

Mentats are very easy to find around the world. You’ll own about five of them (at least) when you explore the area to gain levels. And traders also have them for sale. As for Lockpicking skill magazines, you can buy one from Johnson Nash after clearing out the town of Primm and saving Deputy Beagle in the Bison Steve Hotel. With these two items, you can get your Lockpicking skill to 75. Mentats give you about 4 points in Lockpicking, and the magazine gives you 10 points. Keep in mind that these boosts are temporary, and you’d best use them both when you’re near the safe.

Another way of finding Lockpicking skill magazines (or any skill magazine, for that matter) is by searching mailboxes. It makes sense for magazines to be in mailboxes, right? In residential areas of towns like Goodsprings and Primm, there are mailboxes in front of each house. Search them to find various skill magazines. The availability of a magazine in these boxes is almost guaranteed.

Now that you have 75 points in Lockpicking, go ahead and unlock the safe. Of course, be sure to have about ten Bobby Pins with you! Your Lockpicking skill won’t do you much good without the picks! Congratulations, now you have your own Big Iron.

Stats of the Lucky Revolver

Lucky is a beautifully engraved revolver that boasts 30 DAM and a whopping 83 DPS. If you don’t know, DAM is the damage dealt with one shot, while DPS is damage per second. DPS depends on the rate of fire as well, and Lucky’s fire rate is 2.75, which is a substantial increase from the 1.75 of the common variant. It weighs 2.5, which is 0.5 more than the common .357 revolver.

Good luck wandering the wasteland, partner.