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How to get the Mysterious Magnum Revolver in Fallout New Vegas

In this article, let’s discuss How to get the Mysterious Magnum Revolver in Fallout New Vegas, in the proper and pacifistic way. Let’s first talk about the character who wields this weapon, his location, and the quickest way to get it.

The Lonesome Drifter

How to get the Mysterious Magnum Revolver in Fallout New Vegas

You can find the Lonesome Drifter who’s a lone character, sitting right in front of the Sunset Sarsaparilla billboard in the eastern region of the El Dorado Dry Lake. If you’re someone who searches every square inch of the map like me, you may have probably found the man already. Nonetheless, here’s his location.

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The Lonesome Drifter carries the Mysterious Magnum as his weapon, and you can talk to him about it. He’s quite an intriguing character that has some mysterious things to say. He talks about his father who was a “mysterious feller”. This man suddenly left his family, leaving the Drifter and his now single mother to fend for themselves. You may already have guessed who this “mysterious feller” might be. Indeed, it’s the Mysterious Stranger who appears and helps you fight if you got the perk.

Mysterious Magnum Revolver in Fallout New Vegas

I will reserve another article for the Mysterious Stranger because, well, he doesn’t seem quite right to me.

The Easiest and Fastest way to get the Mysterious Magnum

This way is one I dislike, but certainly a viable way of getting the gun. Go to the Drifter, and Murder him to Death. Loot his body and congratulations, you now own one of the coolest revolvers in the game.

You can also loot it from him if you have enough Sneak skill.

The Best way to get the Revolver

First of all, head to New Vegas. Don’t rush your journey; instead, be patient and complete many quests to earn experience. With the experience, raise your Barter skill to 50. If you get it to, say, 35 or 40, you can use Mentats and a Barter skill magazine to temporarily raise your Barter skill level.

Anyways, head to New Vegas and go to the Tops Casino. This is also a place you need to visit in the main questline, so you’ll eventually come to the casino anyway. Explore this building and go talk to Tommy Torini near a stage where actors and comedians perform. He will give you the quest Talent Pool. In this quest, you have to find a few characters who could be a part of the Tops casino’s performances.

Mysterious Magnum Revolver in Fallout New Vegas

Now head back to the El Dorado Dry Lake area and talk to the Lonesome Drifter again. I highly recommend talking to him about his past and other things in order to learn more about the lore of the Fallout franchise. You can convince him to join the Tops casino as a performer. I forgot to mention earlier that the Drifter is a great guitar player. Anyway, you have to pass a Barter skill check of 50 when talking to him about joining the Tops. Then he will hand over the Mysterious Magnum to you. Just like that. Easy as pie. This is the best way to get the revolver because killing this intriguing and interesting man is a shame, really.

Stats of Mysterious Magnum Revolver in Fallout New Vegas

How to get the Mysterious Magnum Revolver in Fallout New Vegas

Unlike the common counterpart which is the .44 Magnum revolver, the Mysterious Magnum boasts 42 Damage instead of 36. The Damage Per Second (which is the most important stat of a gun in this game) is a whopping 102. With the high fire rate of this gun, it’s quite easy to fell even a tough enemy like a Deathclaw, with the right perks. This gun also makes the iconic Mysterious Stranger chime when you draw and holster it.

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Happy hunting, partner!

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