How to Get Your 20 Free Nintendo 3DS Games

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Nintendo announced in July that they would be dropping the price of the Nintendo 3DS to $170 from $250 in August. For those that were unlucky enough to have paid $250 for the system, the company announced that they would compensate them with 20 free game downloads if they had logged into the eShop channel or downloaded a system update prior to August 11.

The first batch of games are now available. They include NES classics such as Super Mario Bros., Legend of Zelda and Metroid. The other ten games, all GBA games, will be released later this year. Unfortunately, it is not as easy as opening your system and having them downloaded for you. Confusion over how to access the free games has led Nintendo to create a support page on their website. Here are the steps that you will need to take in order to redeem your free games:

1. From the Nintendo 3DS Home menu, select the Nintendo eShop icon.
2. Scroll left and select “Settings / Other.”
3. Scroll down and select “Your Downloads” to view a list of transactions.
4. Tap “Redownload,” then “Download.” The game will now be downloaded to the SD Card.

You should now have all of the ten NES games on your Nintendo 3DS system! For more information on the Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Program, visit their website.