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How to reserve an Xbox Series X on Amazon

Xbox Series X

Looking for an Xbox Series X and can’t find one? Amazon is letting you reserve your console.

Needless to say, the Xbox Series X remains hard to find even though it launched almost a year and a half ago. Microsoft’s next-gen console has proven popular with gamers, especially with new games added to Xbox Game Pass every couple of weeks. So knowing how to reserve Xbox Series X is key to getting the console.

Thankfully, Amazon is letting you reserve an Xbox Series X. The stock is only eligible for Amazon Prime subscribers. The system is sold and shipped from Amazon. They have it listed at $499, which is the current MSRP for the next-gen Xbox console.

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How to reserve Xbox Series X on Amazon

Here’s how to reserve your system:

  1. Go to the Amazon product page.
  2. Look for Available by invitation.
  3. Click Request invitation.
  4. Wait patiently for the invitation.

That’s it! You’ll get an email once they reach your spot in line, which may be days or weeks. After you receive the email notifying you that your console is ready to order, Amazon gives you 72 hours to complete the purchase.