Nintendo Switch Sports
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How to sign up for the Nintendo Switch Sports online playtest

Nintendo Switch Sports

Registering for this play test is easy! Here we will explain how.

Nintendo Switch Sports is just a few days away from launching its first public test after being announced in the most recent Nintendo Direct. Users who have subscribed to Nintendo Switch Online can try out a preview of this spiritual successor to the Wii Sports saga through the free Online Play Test.

During the debut, the Online Play Test will only cover three of the six sports available (golf is the seventh and will arrive for free this fall). Matchmaking will allow you to play bowling, tennis, and chambara (swordplay). It’s worth noting that in the playtesting, the Switch’s online invitation function will be disabled.

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How to register?

  • Go to the official My Nintendo page at this link.
  • Log in using the Nintendo Switch console profile you typically use.
  • A frame dedicated to the Online Play Test may be found on the main page. Select the red ‘redeem’ button by clicking on it. Remember that you need a Nintendo Switch Online subscription.
  • At the top of the screen, a gift box will appear. It will lead you a bit farther down the page, where it says ‘download code.’ The alphanumeric code must be redeemed in the Nintendo Switch’s eShop.

From Friday, February 18th until Sunday, February 20th, the Nintendo Switch Sports Online Play Test is accessible. Enjoy!