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How to unlock new PlayStation Stars levels

PlayStation Stars

Here’s how to unlock the different PlayStation Stars levels.

Sony’s PlayStation Stars rewards program has launched. However, the program has a tier system. We’ll teach you about all of the PlayStation Stars levels below as well as how to unlock the different tiers. So keep reading!

Level 1

First, you will need to join PlayStation Stars. It’s free. You can register here. The program automatically starts you at Level 1. So once you sign up, you’re good to go with this tier. Just complete campaigns to start earning points!

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Benefits: You will gain access to digital collectibles by completing campaigns. In addition, you will receive a celebration collectible.

Level 2

Unlocking Level 2 requires you to make a purchase in the PlayStation Store. You have to buy a full game and earn one uncommon Trophy. Once you do that, you’ve reached Level 2.

Benefits: You’ll gain access to all collectibles from Level 1, plus receive a Level 2 celebration collectible.

Level 3

Ready to buy more games? Level 3 requires you to purchase two full games from the PlayStation Store. You also need to earn 32 uncommon Trophies.

Benefits: You will receive a Level 3 celebration collectible along with a birthday collectible.

Level 4

Ready to unlock Level 4? Get your credit card ready. You’ll need to buy four full games from PlayStation Store plus earn 128 uncommon trophies. Easy peasy, right?

Benefits: You will receive a celebration collectible, enjoy chat priority with tech support, and retain all collectibles from Levels 1, 2, and 3.

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