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Humankind coming to Xbox Game Pass on PC

Humankind coming to Xbox Game Pass on PC

Sega and Amplitude’s 4X strategy game Humankind is coming to Xbox Game Pass for PC.

But wait! There’s even better news: the game is a Day One Xbox Game Pass title. So subscribers will get the chance to play Sega’s answer to Civilization as soon as it launches. How does that sound?

The game lets you combine dozens of different historical cultures spanning the ancient world to the present day in order to create your own unique civilization. So it sounds like the possibilities are virtually endless.

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“You’ll further customize your civilization with every deed you accomplish and moral choice you make. Everything you do builds your fame, and the player with the most fame will win the game,” says Megan Spurr, Community Lead for Xbox Game Pass.

Humankind launches on August 17, 2021 for PC via Steam and Xbox Game Pass.