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Humankind’s modding tools have arrived on Steam through mod.io


As of today, mods are officially available in Humankind on Steam.

Following the announcement of the ‘Dia de los Muertos’ event and the new November update ‘Fabius Maximus’, the Amplitude Studios team revealed today that their highly praised game, Humankind, officially gets mod tools today thanks to mod.io. However, the mods will remain in the beta phase for the time being.

Beta issues

Although the tools were evaluated days previously by a small group of chosen players, this openness in the game code for other developers to make special mods for the game has caused some instability.

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The team has said that the instability in the code over the first two weeks may result in some issues in the game. Thus they ask for some patience with regard to these potential failures. Amplitude Studios is relying on the Mod.io team’s assistance to resolve all of these issues as quickly as feasible.

If you’re searching for new modifications or maps to test, just connect to mod.io from the Mods or Map Editor windows using your Steam or mod.io account. If you are already subscribed to numerous modifications or maps, you may change the browser to your collection view to quickly manage which mods you are subscribed to.

Humankind is available for PC and Mac via Steam, Epic Games Store, Microsoft Store as well as Xbox Game Pass for PC. Mods are currently only available on Steam.