Humble Best of Kalypso Bundle includes Dungeons games, Tropico 6, and more

Humble Best of Kalypso Bundle includes Dungeons, Tropico games, and more

Save big on some of Kalypso’s biggest hits.

The Humble Best of Kalypso Bundle is out now. It includes some of the best games from the German video game developer and publisher Kalypso Media.

Shape the fate of your nation in the two most recent entries of the iconic Tropico series. Unite the forces of evil and construct the realm’s most fearsome dungeon in the Dungeons trilogy. Build your earthbound Railway Empire and cosmic Spacebase Startopia.

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You can spend as little as a dollar. If you spend at least $15, you will receive all of the games that are in the bundle. Plus, your purchase will help support the charity of your choice.

Here are the games that are included with the bundle:

  • Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines
  • Commandos 2 HD Remaster
  • Dungeons
  • Dungeons 2
  • Dungeons 3
  • Railway Empire
  • Spacebase Startopia
  • Sudden Strike 4
  • Tropico 5
  • Tropico 6

In addition, you will receive 25 percent off coupons for Disciples: Liberation and Port Royale 4.

The Humble Best of Kalypso Bundle runs for two weeks. You can redeem the games from the bundle on Steam. You need a free Steam account in order to play the games.