Humble Bundle provides royalty-free music for indie game devs, content creators

Humble Big Royalty-Free Music Bundle

The Humble Big Royalty-Free Music Bundle just launched today and is live for the next three weeks. It’s perfect for indie game developers, YouTube and Twitch streamers, filmmakers, and other content creators.

The bundle includes 26 albums in different music styles and genres. All told, there are over 400 different music tracks that you can add to your video games, movies, and more. Humble promises “seamless premium licenses for music such as Shadows guildSuperheroesDreamagination, and Slasher.”

As usual with the Humble Bundle, you pay what you want. You’ll need to spend at least $1. Meanwhile, $25 gets you all of the music. A percentage of your purchase supports The V Foundation and Prevent Cancer Foundation. Game Freaks 365 is a proud Humble Partner. We’ve helped raise hundreds of dollars for charities.

Click here to check out the Big Royalty-Free Music Bundle!

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