Humble Choice drop date changing, Premium on sale

Humble Choice

The drop date for Humble Choice is changing. Instead of the first Friday of the month, Choice titles will now become available on the first Tuesday. The change takes effect in March.

“In line with this, billing will also move to the Tuesdays before titles become available, keeping everything organized for Choice members,” the company says.

That’s about it in terms of changes, although Humble Premium is currently on sale (scroll down for more details). The last major change came when Humble Monthly became Humble Choice. All games are revealed upfront now, and you get to choose which ones you want depending on your tier.

Choose your games, choose your tier

Choice has three main tiers: Lite, Basic, and Premium. Each of the different tiers has different prices and benefits. Plus, 5 percent of the subscription price is donated to charity every month.

Choice Premium includes your choice of nine games each month, access to the Humble Trove, and up to 20 percent off games in the Humble Store. It’s normally $19.99, but they’re currently running a promotion where you get it for $12 per month.

Choice Basic includes your choice of three games each month, access to the Humble Trove, and up to 10 percent off games in the Humble Store. It costs $14.99 per month.

Meanwhile, Choice Lite only gives you access to the Humble Trove and up to 10% off games in the Humble Store. It’s normally $4.99 per month but on sale for $3.79 per month.

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