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Humble RPG Maker Resurgence Bundle out now

Humble RPG Maker Resurgence Bundle out now

The latest Humble Bundle packs several RPG Maker games, Skyborn, Ara Fell, plus a bunch of DLC.

The Humble RPG Maker Resurgence Bundle just launched today. It is packed with a bunch of game-making software and indie games like Skyborn, Ara Fell, and more.

Here’s a description of the bundle from Humble Bundle:

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Build the fantasy JRPG, sprawling sci-fi saga, or whatever role-playing tale you can imagine with RPG Maker, the powerful and easy-to-use game-making engine! Get five different versions to suit your needs, skill level, and vision, including RPG Maker XP, 2003, MV, VX, and VX Ace. Then get to work designing your dream game with a versatile collection of characters, monsters, environments, and more ready-to-use assets. Craft your own legend, and support AbleGamers with your purchase!

Pay at least $1 to receive five items including RPG Maker VX Ace. A $15 purchase unlocks 12 items, $25 unlocks 25 items, while paying $35 will unlock all 53 items in the bundle. Gamers can get their hands on the collection for the next three weeks. As always, a portion of the bundle benefits charity!

Click here to check out the Humble RPG Maker Resurgence Bundle!