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Hyper Scape Season 3: Shadow Rising

Hyper Scape Season 3: Shadow Rising launches on March 11 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. Season 3 introduces a revamped map, a new hack, new story elements, a new 100-tier Battle Pass, and more.

Players will soon get the chance to test their speed and skill in a revamped Neo Arcadia 2.0 map. You’ll also get to try a new deployable hack, the Firewall. It creates a barrier to block incoming fire while allowing the player and their squad to shoot through.

“Featuring new key landmarks, more diversified terrain, and more identifiable zones for players to traverse, Neo Arcadia 2.0 will challenge our veteran players to keep up the pace with newcomers jumping into it for the first time,” Ubisoft says.

New Features

Season 3 introduces a new 2D Hub Flow in the main menu. It’s optimized to offer a much faster and more interactive experience, allowing players to view their full squad with their selected outfits and use the Locker and Shop, all while matchmaking. Less time waiting between games means more chances to win the crown.

In Season 3, Hyper Scape is restructured to feature three always-on Game Modes. These include:

  • Crown Rush Squad – 60 players, ranked
  • Crown Rush Solo – 60 players, unranked
  • Team Deathmatch 6v6, unranked

Season 3 Battle Pass

Hyper Scape Season 3 includes a Free and Premium Battle Pass with 100 tiers of exclusive cosmetic items to unlock during the season.

  • The Premium Battle Pass is available for 950 Bitcrowns. It instantly unlocks the Ace Shrine Fox outfit, weapon charm, and a legendary Dragonfly weapon skin.
  • The Hyper Battle Pass is available for 2,250 Bitcrowns. It instantly unlocks 25 Battle Pass tiers of cosmetic items, including the Rook Divided outfit.

The Season 3 Premium Battle Pass includes exclusive items such as two Legendary outfits, eight other outfits, 33 weapon skins, 13 melee weapons, eight deployment pods, and more. Season 3 is also introducing a new customization category with charms you can attach to your weapon.

Players earn Bitcrowns by playing the game or by purchasing packs of Bitcrowns with real currency on the Ubisoft or first-party stores. Viewers can progress their Battle Pass simply by watching Hyper Scape streams on Twitch with the Crowncast extension enabled.

Starter Packs

Season 3 also features two Starter Packs to help Contenders hit the ground running:

  • Prisma Security Pack comes with an Epic outfit, Emote, and 1,000 Bitcrowns.
  • Season 3 Starter Pack comes with an Epic outfit, weapon, deployment pod, and 2,875 Bitcrowns.

PlayStation Plus Remedy Pack

Finally, PlayStation Plus members will get the new free Season 3 PS+ Remedy Pack. It includes an exclusive rare outfit and weapon skin for Noor.

Launch Date

Hyper Scape Season 3: Shadow Rising is available on March 11, 2021.

Watch the Season 3 Cinematic Trailer below!

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