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Hyperstacks announced for PlayStation VR


Hyperstacks is a new action-puzzle-platformer sandbox game. It just got confirmed for PlayStation VR.

Hyperstacks is the first project from indie developer Squirrel Bytes. We previously covered the game back in January when it was announced for Steam Early Access.

In the game, you can create your own levels in VR and share them with the community. According to Squirrel Bytes, the game features an easy-to-use VR level editor along with a complete in-game guide.

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The following features will be integrated at launch:

  • New lobby and new game design
  • Campaign mode
  • More NPCs
  • Improvements in the level research engine
  • Moving objects, lights, and more objects for the level editor
  • New weapons and items

Hyperstacks is coming to Steam Early Access and PlayStation VR in Q2 2021.

Watch the gameplay trailer below!