Ibai Velada del año II
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Ibai, the best streamer of the year, has broken the record for most viewers on Twitch

Ibai Velada del año II

In his last event, the Spanish streamer achieved more than 3 million viewers.

TheGrefg was, by far, the streamer with the record for the most viewers on Twitch. With over 2.4 million viewers, he was ahead of the likes of Spain’s ElXokas, Brazil’s Gaules, and the well-known Ninja. But, as all Twitch users expected, it was only a matter of time before the “Royal Giant” appeared.

Ibai Llanos (better known as Ibai) is a Spanish streamer who – with only 3 years of constant streaming – has broken many records. He’s known among all content creators worldwide for bringing formats to Twitch that simply nobody imagined. After hard work, and dozens of events on Twitch, this past Saturday he finally achieved it: The record for most viewers on Twitch.

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The biggest representative of the Spanish-speaking community on Twitch

Ibai, despite having only 3 years on the platform consistently, is not new to Twitch. Ibai previously worked as a caster for the LVPes, the professional video game league in Spain, where he spent years in League of Legends games. But, since then, Ibai already exuded greatness, as he was recognized by people in the Hispanic League of Legends community as the best caster there was.

Working in this kind of production, he had a great idea to bring events with great production and fun to Twitch for free. In the past, different streamers tried to do this kind of event, but they didn’t succeed. But, Ibai’s charisma, mixed with the great production in his events, has made more and more people join the platform.

At first, the Spanish streamer was only known among the Hispanic Twitch community and the League of Legends community worldwide. However, more and more streamers worldwide are recognizing the work of the Spanish streamer. Figures like xQc, Kameto, Ludwig, Asmongold, and more, have praised Ibai numerous times for his great work on the platform.

The fruits of Ibai’s hard work have started to pay off

This great work is slowly paying off. Recently, the Spanish streamer created his own esports team called “Koi.” In addition, he has had great artists and world sports figures such as Bad Bunny, Lionel Messi, Gerard Pique, and more. But, the events that have attracted the most attention from Twitch users, without a doubt, are “La Velada del Año.”

“La Velada del Año” is a boxing event created by Ibai where Twitch platform streamers face each other in a boxing ring. Last year, Ibai amassed over 1.5 million spectators in the first edition of the event. An event that was held under COVID-19 regulations, and did not have a live audience.

A year later, the Spanish streamer once again held another boxing event called “La Velada del Año II.” This event, since its inception, was already destined to be the biggest event that the Hispanic twitch community, and the platform in general, would see. This time, the event would feature 5 fights, live performances by singers and DJs, the participation of a Spanish music legend in the main fight, and more.

A record-breaking event

The event took place at the Palau Sant Jordi, a multipurpose pavilion where it has hosted different esports events in the past. With space for more than 18,000 people, last Saturday’s event was “La Velada del Año II.” Less than 2 hours after the start of the event, Ibai had already surpassed the record crowd set by TheGrefg in 2021 of 2,470,347 spectators. Ibai has surpassed that record by more than 35% with more than 3,356,074 maximum spectators.

Ibai Velada del año II

But not only that, the numbers for the event are crazy. With a streaming duration of 5h 38min, it has had an average of 2,427,024 viewers. In addition, there were 8,786,729 unique viewers. It’s the largest number of unique viewers ever seen not only on Twitch but on all content creation platforms. In fact, the most relevant data has been that in the event alone, it has collected more than 45k subscriptions!

What Ibai is achieving on the Twitch platform is crazy. Little by little, streamers are realizing that Twitch can produce incredible events. He even helped Twitch surpass the record total of people on the platform with 6.6m+.

You can watch “La Velada del Año II” here on Game Freaks 365!