Ichidant-R and Columns II coming to Nintendo Switch later this month

Sega is bringing two puzzle games never before released in the West to the Nintendo Switch as part of their Sega Ages lineup: Ichidant-R and Columns II.

Originally released for Japanese arcades in 1994, Ichidant-R is a spin-off of Bonanza Bros. featuring a compilation of wacky mini-games set in a fantasy medieval backdrop. The game combines puzzle and action in a party game format that can be enjoyed locally or online.

Columns II is another title previously only released in Japan. The Switch version comes with an online versus mode, a stage select feature, and a tabletop mode that rotates player two’s screen 180 degrees for face-to-face battles. The original Genesis version of Columns comes bundled as well.

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Ichidant-R and Columns II will be available on the Nintendo eShop starting on October 17 for $7.99 each.

This is the latest Sega Ages release. In recent months, Sega has also released Space Harrier, Puyo Puyo, Virtua Racing and Wonder Boy: Monster Land on Switch. Last month, the Genesis Mini micro-console came out with over 40 games.

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