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IEMA and VSDA Merge

The Boards of Directors of the Interactive Entertainment Merchants Association (IEMA) and the Video Software Dealers Association (VSDA) have voted to merge into a single trade association to represent the retailers and distributors of video and video game products. The announcement of the impending merger was made jointly today by VSDA Chairman Bob Geistman and IEMA Chairman Rick Vergara.

The merger will bring together mass merchants, video specialty stores, video game specialty retailers, online merchants, electronics retailers, entertainment combo stores, and others that retail and wholesale DVDs, console video games, and computer video games. The combined trade association, whose name will be announced later, will provide its members with knowledge-sharing forums, networking opportunities, legislative and legal advocacy, research services, and other trade association offerings.

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“By coming together in one organization, the retailers and distributors of DVDs and video games will increase their collective power and benefit from the business acumen and product knowledge of one another,� declared VSDA Chairman Bob Geistman. “We are convinced that one association can accomplish even more than two working separately.�