Ignis Universia: Awakening of the Erudite Empress Kickstarter and demo now live

Ignis Universia: Awakening of the Erudite Empress

Indie developer Random Potion has announced the launch of a crowdfunding campaign for their next title, Ignis Universia: Awakening of the Erudite Empress. They’ve also released a demo for potential backers to try.

Random Potion has set a modest goal of £40,000 (approximately $55,500) on Kickstarter. They have released a demo of the game for potential backers to try before pledging.

Random Potion is a Tampere, Finland-based indie studio that was founded in 2017. The team specializes in games with compelling narratives and appealing visuals. They are about to release their next commercial title, Ignis Universia, after releasing The Dark Eye: Book of Heroes.

What is it?

Ignis Universia: Awakening of the Erudite Empress is a lighthearted ode to classic JRPGs and visual novels. Players take control of the Chosen Sisters and attempt to save the world from a cataclysmic disaster caused by Wizardess Galgatax and her army of undead unicorns.

In this top-down 3D adventure, players explore the world of Ignis Universia, battle enemies, engage in a witty storyline, and even summon a Cerberus Corgi and other adorable summonses to help them in battle.

The game has a distinct storyline and unique qualities that will appeal to RPG and visual novel fans alike. Players will explore, interact with NPCs, and solve tricky puzzles. Each of the Chosen Sisters has unique abilities that they will use as they progress through the game and its quirky storyline.

Random Potion is excited to meet their Kickstarter goal for Ignis Universia: Awakening of the Erudite Empress and bring it to PC and Nintendo Switch. If you’d like to contribute to their Kickstarter campaign, visit this page.

Watch the Ignis Universia: Awakening of the Erudite Empress trailer down below!

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