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Illusion Lands is a third-person slasher with a demo coming soon to Steam

Illusion Lands

Experience dynamic and colorful battles in Illusion Lands.

Manydev Studio announced today that their upcoming game, Illusion Lands, will have a free demo available on Steam shortly. Illusion Lands is a third-person slasher with an engrossing plot and vibrant fighting.

Slash them all away

We will play as Erwin, a formidable hunter of the Devourers, huge creatures whose nature is unknown. As Erwin, we must explore the huge realm of Illusion Lands, which has amazing beauty, animals who desire to take our life, and a wealth of mysteries.

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Illusion Lands

With a very dynamic fighting system in which we will be able to use several sorts of weapons and abilities for physical battle, but we will also be able to employ different magical skills, combination strikes, and finishing techniques, making our conflicts a festival of colorful visual effects and wonderful noises. This, along with the mechanical movement of the figure and the struggle with huge opponents, provides the user with an extremely dynamic gameplay experience.

Illusion Lands will soon have a free demo available on Steam. The indie developers did not give us a specific date for the demo. However, if you want to test this appealing title, make a note of it on your Steam wishlist right now.

Watch the game trailer down below!