Immortals Fenyx Rising: A New God DLC release date announced

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Immortals Fenyx Rising

Ubisoft has announced the release date for Immortals Fenyx Rising: A New God, the game’s first DLC.

Ubisoft Quebec’s action-adventure gets its first DLC on January 28, 2021. The new content is coming to all platforms on the same day.

According to Ubisoft:

Immortals Fenyx Rising: A New God tasks Fenyx with overcoming the Trials of the Olympians to take their rightful place in the Greek pantheon. A New God will allow players to explore Olympos Palace and interact with new gameplay mechanics as they traverse the new trials built by the gods. Along the way, players will unlock four surprising new ability upgrades for Fenyx and a new gear set with fantastic perks fit for a god such as letting you perform additional jumps.

To play the new DLC, players can purchase the Season Pass, which includes access to all three soon-to-be-released DLC packs, or as a standalone. These will introduce players not only to new characters and challenges, but to new realms and new ways to play. Immortals Fenyx Rising is out now on Stadia, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Switch, PC, and Amazon Luna.

Watch a trailer for the new DLC below!