In the Dark
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In the Dark is a new sci-fi puzzle game for Game Boy Color

In the Dark

Bitmap Soft and independent developer Bryan Taylor have announced that pre-orders begin today for the physical release of the new Game Boy Color game In the Dark.

In the Dark may be the ideal game for you if you enjoy old puzzle games and the sci-fi genre. This new game is a puzzler with a single goal: switch off all the lights. When a light is switched on or off, it alters the status of people around it.

The action takes place on a cruiser-class spacecraft circling a desolate planet in the Rigel system. Investigate an unexplained distress signal while sailing through the rubble around the derelict spacecraft alongside Ikalo Pann, the commander of the Star Leviathan.

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In the Dark

Solve 100 increasingly more difficult curated puzzles to avoid blockades before the reserve energy runs out. Enjoy three to five hours of gaming with over 500 puzzle variations, as well as a random mode, which provides countless hours of casual puzzle enjoyment.

Bit Map Soft’s shop now has the physical edition of In the Dark available for pre-order.

Watch the trailer down below!