Indiana Jones Goes Next-Gen; Star Wars PSP

George Lucas is known for two movie franchises: Star Wars and Indiana Jones. Indiana Jones is about to go next-gen, as LucasArts sets to release the next game in the franchise in 2007. LucasArts also revealed intentions of releasing a PlayStation Portable version of Star Wars Battlefront II. The game was set previously for PC, PlayStation 2, and Xbox for a release this Fall.

“As gaming consoles head into the next generation, so too do our development teams,” said Jim Ward, President of LucasArts. “Our teams are truly embracing the incredible power of these systems, not only with amazing graphics but also, more importantly, with unforgettable story-driven adventures starring fascinating characters like Indiana Jones. At the same time, titles for the revolutionary new handheld systems are something we know gamers want, and we’re excited to enter this field.”

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