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Indie platformer Itorah launch window announced along with new developer diary


Grimbart Tales has announced that its debut platformer, Itorah, will be available on Steam early next year.

The news follows its premiere at this year’s Steam Next Fest. This Mesoamerican-inspired platformer with gorgeous hand-drawn backgrounds offers a compelling proposal for platformer aficionados.

Embark on a journey in Nahucan

In Itorah, a plague-like veil of evil hovers over lovely and previously affluent Nahucan. The eponymous Itorah and her mouthy companion, a sentient combat ax, are tasked with traveling hazardous places and overcoming terrible monsters in order to release Nahucan and its residents.

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Itorah nails the balance of platforming combat, riddles, and magnificent visual storytelling in the sense of “simple to learn, hard to master.” The team has meticulously recreated the greatest parts of 8-bit and 16-bit platforming days, merging them with exquisite hand-painted materials and superb character animations.

In this astonishingly gorgeous and poignant journey, we’ll be able to explore a range of biomes, combat adversaries ranging from pint-sized to leviathan-sized, and uncover the riddle of humanity’s death.

“I can promise you; behind the many layers of color leads a deep, emotional, and gloomy story that will appeal to all ages and leave you curious for more,” said Artur Bäcker, Grimbart Tales lead artist, creative director, and co-founder.

“Our goal is to create similar experiences for future generations and to allow space for older generations to revel in nostalgia,” he added.

Itorah will arrive in spring 2022 on PC and Mac via Steam. If you want to know more about this title, the game’s development team has presented a developer diary where they explain the technical and playable aspects of the game.

Watch the new dev diary of the game down below!