Infamous Second Son: Cole’s Legacy DLC is now free on PS4

Infamous Second Son: Cole’s Legacy

The DLC with the events after the story presented in Infamous Second Son is now completely free in most countries.

Sucker Punch is another of those companies that will be 25 years old in 2022. Still, aside from discounts, the company has not celebrated this historic milestone very much. But, surprisingly in the PlayStation Store, we found a surprise that may be associated with the studio’s anniversary.

The DLC Cole’s Legacy from the iconic Infamous: Second Son is now available on the PlayStation Store for free on PlayStation 4 (and PS5 via backward compatibility). It’s a DLC that could only be obtained by pre-ordering the game in 2014. Now, you can have it on your console for free.

A DLC that was never going to be “paid” and public for all gamers

Cole’s Legacy is one of those DLCs of the Infamous saga that should be highlighted. Still, few players tried this DLC as it could only be obtained through the game’s pre-order campaign. In 2014, the pre-order culture was just starting, so very few players got their hands on this DLC.

Infamous Second Son: Cole’s Legacy

In fact, a person in charge of the marketing team of the title stated that the DLC would never be sold separately. Although the claim was true, after eight years, the DLC is now available on the PlayStation Store. The most likely inclusion in the store is that it will arrive for a small amount of $5 to $10. But, surprisingly, Sucker Punch has added it as a free product.

DLC that takes us beyond the story of Second Son

Cole’s Legacy is an additional chapter that includes a series of missions in which we discover what happened between this new game and the previous one, Infamous 2. In this series of missions we do not play as Cole, the protagonist of the first two games of the franchise. We will put ourselves in the shoes of Delsin Rowe, the main character of Infamous Second Son.

Of course, there is a special gift for the nostalgic: completing all the missions of the DLC unlocks Cole MacGrath’s jacket to dress the new protagonist as his predecessor. But not only that, Sucker Punch also announced that it is working on releasing the Fetch D.U.P. outfit, an Infamous: First Light pre-order incentive.

Although Sucker Punch’s current focus is on other titles, they are still keeping in mind the fans of one of their most relevant franchises. Cole’s Legacy is now available for all Infamous: Second Son players on the PS4.

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