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Infinity is an unfinished Game Boy Color game getting a second life on Kickstarter

Infinity Kickstarter

Infinity, which was originally developed by Affinix Software between 1999 and 2001, has been left unfinished for the past two decades. Now a new Kickstarter project hopes to complete the game and make a physical cartridge release for the Game Boy Color.

Indie game publishers Incube 8 Games and Retro Modding began a Kickstarter campaign today for Infinity, a tactical RPG for Nintendo’s classic handheld, the Game Boy Color.

In Infinity, an old evil stirs beneath the soil, warping the country and its people alike with its corrupting influence. As a mysterious entity armed both opposing nations with wicked weapons of great power, the two rival nations careen toward war.

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An 8-bit RPG adventure

This epic story frames an RPG with an original, one-of-a-kind tactical fighting system, a complex environment with over 50 explorable places and over 100 objects, and stunning 8-bit visuals. You may switch between “Wait” and “Action” fight modes at any moment, with four distinct speeds, and select one of six playable characters, each with their unique specialties.

The script for Infinity is extremely detailed, with over 3,000 lines of dialogue and 20,000 words. The screenplay is longer than that of several games from the late 1990s, such as Final Fantasy II, and is quite comparable to that of Dragon Quest III.

If you want to help the developers make this work, which has been in production for over 20 years, a reality, head over to their Kickstarter website by clicking here and check out all Infinity for Game Boy Color has to offer. Aside from a physical Game Boy Color cartridge, you can also get the game as a ROM that you can play on PC, Android, or iOS.

Watch the Infinity teaser trailer here on Game Freaks 365!

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