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Injustice 2 Mobile adds Black Adam

Injustice 2 Mobile adds Black Adam

You can now play as the Ruler of Kahndaq Black Adam in Injustice 2 Mobile.

Warner Bros. Games and NetherRealm Studios have unleashed the Ruler of Kahndaq Black Adam as the newest character in the popular fighting game Injustice 2 Mobile. Drawing its inspiration from the big screen Black Adam movie starring Dwayne Johnson, this powerful new character is available today.

Here’s how NetherRealm Studios describes the new character:

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With power born from rage, the Ruler of Kahndaq Black Adam is the first member of the new Flawed Justice Team in Injustice 2 Mobile. Players must defeat him in the new Ancient Judgment Solo Raid Event for a chance to add the character to their roster. As a Damage Dealer, he specializes in Power Draining and Armor-Piercing attacks, making him extremely powerful in Solo Raids and the Champions Arena. He is immune to Power Steal and can Power Drain opponents with his “Courage of Mehen” Passive skill, while his Special Attacks like “Lightning Discharge” and “Storm Cloud” can strike enemies for massive damage.

The Black Adam film debuts in theaters on October 21, 2022.

Hawkman is coming

In addition to the news about Black Adam, NetherRealm also confirmed that Hawkman will join Injustice 2 Mobile as a new Gold character and the second member of the Flawed Justice Team. The character draws its inspiration from Aldis Hodge’s portrayal in Black Adam. Early Access for Gold Hawkman will be available through the new Wings of Justice Pass starting later this year.

What’s in the new update?

In addition to adding Ruler of Kahndaq Black Adam, the new Injustice 2 Mobile update includes Kahndaq Artifacts. Players can equip their Heroes with the new Kahndaq Artifacts to help defeat the Ancient Judgment Solo Raid Bosses and earn even more rewards along the way.

Also available today are new league difficulties. Two new difficulty tiers have been added to League Raids for a more intense challenge, and even greater rewards.

Lastly, NetherRealm says that it is celebrating Halloween with a new Login Event starting on October 25. Players can log in every day to earn special rewards including an exclusive Halloween profile picture.

How to play Injustice 2 Mobile

Injustice 2 Mobile is a free-to-play fighting game for mobile devices. You can download it on Android and iOS devices. The game has over 10 million downloads on Android alone.