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Insecticide Ships on Nintendo DS

Gamecock Media Group today announced that Insecticide is now shipping in North America for Nintendo DS. Insecticide features stylish film noir visuals paired with an engaging plot that is unmatched by any game in its genre. The highly anticipated action adventure game challenges players to think like a bug (detective) and solve an epic mystery in a world where insects have evolved as the dominant race on the planet.

In Insecticide, play as female heroin Chrys Lyszt, a hard-headed, 6 legged rookie detective thirsty for a big case. Chrys gets her wish granted when the CEO of the city’s most lucrative soft drink company, Nectarola, is almost killed in a mysterious accident. But as Chrys delves deeper into the case she realizes that things are not what they appear. Get drawn into the fascinating and deadly world of Troi, where hopes are lost and joy is forgotten.

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