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Intec Releases Wireless Controllers

Intec, the leading manufacturer of cross-platform video game accessories, today introduced their Unlimited Rechargeable Wireless Controllers for Microsoft Xbox (G8089 / MSRP: $34.99), Sony PlayStation 2 (G7089 / MSRP: $ 29.99), and Nintendo GameCube (G5089 / MSRP: $29.99). Designed with the hardcore gamer in mind, these controllers feature a rechargeable battery pack and connection cable, allowing players to play their favorite video games without interruption.

The Unlimited Rechargeable Wireless Controllers, which run on today’s top operating frequency of 2.4GHz for precise game control and instant response time, feature a rechargeable battery pack that offers up to 60 hours of game time and 500 charges per pack – delivering years of unlimited wireless gameplay! Once batteries on the wireless controller run low, the user simply connects the link cable from the controller to the receiver, simultaneously charging their controller in less than 4 hours as they continue playing. After the recharging period, gamers can go completely wireless for another 60 hours!

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