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The self-proclaimed ‘last of the bedroom programmers’, Introversion
Software, confirmed rumours today that they are working on a multiplayer
version of their hit title Darwinia for the PC. Multiwinia will combine
elements of the award-winning Darwinia, with the addition of multiplayer
support which will enable both co-operative and competitive battles between
massive Darwinian armies. As well as the traditional single player mode,
Multiwinia will offer a series of separate game modes, each with a number of unique levels offering a variety of new challenges.

“We’ve always known that Darwinia would naturally evolve into an incredible
multiplayer game and right from day one I’d had visions of massive Darwinian
armies converging for the ultimate Darwinian death-fest”, Chris Delay,
creative director of Introversion Software said enthusiastically about the
new project. “Multiwinia will be a great game, not only for those who knew
and loved Darwinia, but also for complete newcomers.”

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