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Intruder in Antiquonia launches on PC

Intruder in Antiquonia launches on PC

Indie developer Aruma Studios has released the adventure game Intruder in Antiquonia.

The husband-and-wife indie developer Aruma Studios is out with its first game. This traditional 2D point-and-click adventure game has high-resolution images created by professional illustrators.

As we previously reported, the narrative is set in the current day. The protagonist, Sarah, is discovered laying on the road heading to Antiquonia.

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Here’s how we described the game last year:

She is diagnosed with amnesia after recuperating and is forced to stay in town to learn about her history. She will quickly learn that the internet is not welcome in this village, which will be tough to remember as she tries to piece together the riddle of her history.

Antiquonia is a lovely, one-of-a-kind town that was greatly influenced by the Galicia area of Spain, where both creators grew up. Development began in 2020 when the developers returned to Galicia after working in Switzerland for ten years. Since then, the game’s development has made incredible progress.