IronMouse gained over 170k Twitch subs during her last subathon

IronMouse gained over 170k Twitch subs during her last subathon

It’s an incredible achievement that positions IronMouse as the third channel with the most active subscribers on Twitch.

Subathons are becoming more and more popular among Twitch streamers. It basically consists of broadcasting days, and even weeks on Twitch where the broadcasting time is extended by donations and channel subscriptions.

In both the English and Spanish-speaking communities, great streamers such as Ludwig, Ninja, Rubius, TheGrefg, and more, have recently held subathons, where they have collected tens of thousands of subscriptions. Vtuber IronMouse has done a subathon, and has positioned herself as the third most subscribed channel with almost 172k subscriptions.

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An incredible achievement for the VTubers community

Puerto Rican Vtuber, IronMouse, is one of the fastest-growing channels in the last year. For those who are not aware of the movement, VTubers are streamers who transmit using a digital avatar, instead of showing themselves through a camera.

IronMouse took the decision to do a Subathon, which lasted 31 days and ended last March 7th. With an average of 12,500 with peaks of 27k, the VTuber achieved a staggering 171,818 subscriptions. Although she has been broadcasting on the platform constantly for almost two years, thanks to her community and the VTuber’s fans, she has achieved an incredible number of subscribers on Twitch.

So important has been the figure that IronMouse has positioned itself as the third streamer with more active subscriptions on Twitch. Leading the top is Ludwig, the streamer who recently migrated to YouTube with 283,066. He is followed by Ninja with 269,154 in 2018; IronMouse is still on the list with 171,818 subs.

This, in addition to the popularity surrounding subathons, speaks to the importance and relevance that VTubers are having on the Twitch platform. It would not be unreasonable that in the future, one of these niche streamers, through a subathon, will overtake LudWig at the top.