Is Fortnite on Nintendo Switch?

Can you play Fortnite on Nintendo Switch? In this article, let’s discuss and find out whether you can enjoy the popular battle royale game on your handheld console.

Is Fortnite playable on Nintendo Switch?

Is Fortnite on Nintendo Switch?

To simply answer this question, yes, you can play Fortnite on Switch. In fact, the game is available on almost all platforms including mobile (both on Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android) and cloud gaming services like GeForce Now and Xbox Cloud Gaming.

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How can you get Fortnite on your Nintendo Switch?

Is Fortnite on Nintendo Switch?

You will be more than pleased to know that Fortnite is actually completely free-to-play on the Nintendo Switch as well as the other platforms the game is available to play on.

From the official Nintendo eShop, you can proceed to download the game for free.

Size of Fortnite on the Nintendo Switch

The aforementioned Nintendo eShop page for Fortnite says that you need a little more than 18 GB of free space on your system to download and play the game. This is more than half of the base disk space of the Nintendo Switch, which is only 32 GB. But for many players, I don’t think this will prove to be too much of an inconvenience, mainly because they can purchase more storage with a microSD card.

The Visuals of Fortnite on Nintendo Switch

If you’re thinking of playing the game on the handheld’s screen, it is obvious that the visuals of the game won’t be as high resolution and richly detailed as with a PC. The graphical fidelity of the game being played on the Nintendo Switch is roughly similar to that of a mobile device. But of course, this comparison is only for the display screen size. Because the Switch was made for gaming, Fortnite will run at a stable frame rate with higher visuals than that of a mobile.

However, you’ll be able to enjoy the game in high-resolution graphical effects and visuals if you connect your Nintendo Switch to a TV, obviously.

Cross Platform Playing

If you have friends who play on PS4, PS5, PC, mobile, or Xbox consoles, you will be happy to know that cross-platform playing is indeed possible in Fortnite. That means you can play together with your friends and others who use another platform other than a Nintendo Switch to play the game.

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