Mighty Doom
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Is Mighty DOOM Free?

The legendary video game franchise comes to mobile with a very different format.

There is no need to comment on the importance of DOOM in the history of video games. But it is to highlight the ability that the franchise has had to adapt to the current technology. However, the franchise had not yet entered the mobile market. But, with the help of Alpha Dog Games, they are looking to break this frontier! Is Mighty Doom free though?

Alpha Dog Games and Bethesda are working on Mighty DOOM, a mobile game that adapts the DOOM adventure to a violent single-touch action shooter starring the all-new Mini Slayer. But, although all the games in the franchise are paid, will Mighty DOOM be free? Will it follow the free-to-play model of many mobile games?

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Mighty DOOM seeks to attract more fans to the franchise

Making a DOOM game is no easy task. The franchise has a format that adapting it in a good way without losing its essence is very difficult to achieve. And it is a challenge that Alpha Dog Games knows from the beginning that it must face. However, in images and small teasers, they seem to have achieved it. And they have managed to make the leap to a new format that although it seems that it would not fit with the franchise, makes it the perfect format for mobiles.

Even so, you can see that it has been a project that has been a long time in the making. And, as is normal in DOOM games, there has always been a price charged for each of the games. But, Mighty DOOM will enter the mobile market being paid? or the game will be free? Bethesda has made the decision to follow the free-to-play format. Challenging players to run and gun their way through hordes of demons, difficult but iconic levels, and really challenging bosses.

Also, for those bullet hell fans, Mighty DOOM will offer many levels where you will have to face a hail of bullets. In addition, you will fight against demons that you know very well from the most popular games of the franchise. But, you may be wondering: What will happen to the Slayers Club Members? Will they still make a profit in this DOOM game? Surprisingly yes!

They will receive an exclusive, club-themed skin for Mini Slayer after the game’s release. In addition, all non-club members will be able to get other Mini Slayer skins in-game. However, so far, no further information has been given on what the in-game economy aspect of the game will look like. But, all those fans of the franchise can rest assured that Mighty DOOM will be free-to-play and will be released on both Android and iOS devices.