Is Mimic Tear the Best Summon in Elden Ring?

Is Mimic Tear the best summon in Elden Ring? It’s clear that a major portion of Elden Ring‘s player base uses this overpowered Spirit Summon. But is it really the best choice? Let’s delve into this topic a bit more.

What is the Mimic Tear?

You can find the Mimic Tear Ashen Remains after defeating the boss of the same name in Night’s Sacred Grounds, Nokron. The boss fight is a copy of your character exactly. The tear will use abilities that you possess at the moment of the fight and they’ll be as strong as you are (theoretically). But it’s not a difficult fight, by any means.

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The description of the Ashen Remains is as follows:

This spirit takes the form of the summoner to fight alongside
them, but its mimicry does not extend to imitating the
summoner’s will.
Mimic tears are the result of an attempt by the Eternal City to

forge a lord.

When you summon the Mimic Tear, it will cost 660 HP, instead of FP. But that’s a small price to pay because of how powerful this is.

Is Mimic Tear the Best Summon in Elden Ring?

In terms of the damage dealt, this may be the best summon in the game. But it all depends on your build. Many players use the overpowered Moonblade Katana and the Rivers of Blood Katana in their broken builds. And if the Summon of their choice is the Mimic Tear, he will also wield the aforementioned weapons and the two of them could be able to make quick work of many enemies. Overpowering even the late-game bosses will be easy with this summon. So yes, if your build is good, this is technically the best summon in the game.

Is Mimic Tear the Best Summon in Elden Ring?

The Problem with the Mimic Tear

There are many players who dislike this Spirit Summon because of how easy it makes the game, although it is certainly a viable option. Users of Mimic Tear will simply ignore the other summons and they really cannot be blamed.

Elden Ring is unbalanced, plainly and simply. While it is one of the greatest games of all time, these balancing issues cause many players to choose the same builds that will get them through the frustration of the end-game.

FromSoftware pays attention to Elden Ring and they’ve delivered a lot of patches since release, and it’s clear that they’re looking into improving the balancing of the game. That’s the main issue with this Spirit Summon. It makes the frustrating experience so much easier, and it takes away the satisfaction of overcoming Great Enemies. But it’s certainly one of the best Summons in the game.

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