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Is Returnal coming to PC via Steam?

Is Returnal coming to PC via Steam?

It looks like Sony is bringing another AAA game to PC.

Returnal launched last year as a PS5 exclusive. If a Steam listing is any indication, it may soon come to PC. If it does, it would become the latest PlayStation game on PC via Steam.

VGC reports:

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SteamDB logged the presence of a new product in the database which goes by the codename ‘Oregon’.

The title is listed with tags such as “rogue-like”, “sci-fi” and “bullet hell”, but the clearest indication that it’s related to the Housemarque title are references to Tower of Sisyphus and Atropos, which feature in Returnal.

One source shared footage with VGC appearing to show Returnal running on PC, which strongly suggests it’s one of the next PlayStation console exclusives in line for a port.

In addition, Sony is telling investors to expect upwards of $300 million in revenue from PC games alone in the current fiscal year that ends March 2023. Presumably, several big games like Returnal are necessary for them to even come close to that figure as Horizon: Zero DawnDays Gone, and God of War only brought in $80 million during the last fiscal year.

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