Is the Coded Sword in Elden Ring Good?

Is the Coded Sword Good in Elden Ring? In this article, I will be explaining the strengths and weaknesses of this weapon and also which builds it works best for.

Is the Coded Sword Good in Elden Ring?

How to acquire the Coded Sword in Elden Ring

After getting to Leyndell, the Royal Capital, make your way to the Fortified Manor, and you can find this sword in the Throne Room of the manor. You will notice how similar the manor looks to the Roundtable Hold. Keep in mind that you cannot obtain the Coded Sword in Leyndell, the Ashen Capital. This altered Capital city will unlock after you defeat Maliketh, the Black Blade at Crumbling Farum Azula.

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The Scaling and attack power

This weapon only scales with Faith. This might sound unusual for a straight sword, but that’s why this sword is so unique. It requires you to have 20 Faith in order to wield this. And its base scaling with Faith is B. After upgrading it to the maximum level with Somber Smithing Stones, the scaling will upgrade to A. This proves that this is a great faith weapon.

Coded Sword does not deal physical damage, instead, it deals Holy Damage. At the maximum level (+10) it deals 208 Holy Damage. This may be improved even further with higher Faith.

Specialties of the Coded Sword

  • Attacks from the Coded Sword cannot be blocked, and it will tear through shield guarding.
  • The weapon skill is called the “Unblockable Blade”. It causes the sword to extend in length and it could hit many enemies in front of you. This attack is not blockable, as the name says.
  • Using the Sacred Scorpion Charm increases the Holy Damage of this sword even further, and it’s wise to include this talisman for your build.

One of the best melee weapons for a Faith Build

If you’re doing a pure Faith build, this is a perfect sword. It attacks fast because it’s a straight sword, and if you pair it with a finger seal, you can deal potent damage with Faith-scaling spells and the sword.,