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Is the Nintendo Switch Luigi’s Mansion 3 the best game in the series?

Is the Nintendo Switch Luigi's Mansion 3 the best game from the series?

Luigi’s Mansion is considered one of the most underrated series of all Nintendo franchises.

If we think of the Mario universe or franchise of games, our red-hatted plumber friend has always been the star. Yet there is another character that is very underrated. Yes, friends, that’s Luigi. To date, we have had different cheats, DLCs, or secondary endings of games where we can play with Luigi. But, without a doubt, Luigi’s Mansion gives Luigi the attention that he deserves.

But, having three releases of this saga, a question always arises: Which is the best Luigi’s Mansion? Is the Nintendo Switch Luigi’s Mansion 3 game the best in the series? Read on to find out!

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The best Luigi’s Mansion is…

Nintendo has a lot of incredible games. Many of them are considered the best in the whole industry. Even so, many gamers don’t usually take into account a very important one: Luigi’s Mansion. It’s a game that mixes action, adventure, and horror and is considered one of Nintendo’s most underrated franchises.

Luigi's Mansion 3

The first Luigi’s Mansion managed to give us a little bit of lore about a character we knew relatively little about. In addition, it presented very attractive and different mechanics for the time. Even so, many of these mechanics felt clunky and unintuitive. It’s an important aspect that alienated many players who were more interested in the gameplay than the story.

The second title, Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, improved a lot in gameplay. Even so, being the “middle child,” the game has behaved like one. Despite being better in some aspects, the game has not stood out in the series. But, it can be highlighted that it managed to hook many new players in the saga. Something very important for the next title in the series that, honestly, broke all the schemes.

Despite the question that always arises, there is a very clear answer: Luigi’s Mansion 3 is the best of the whole saga. The gameplay, the graphics, and a much more elaborate story make this game the best of the series. Moreover, Nintendo has finally managed to express with this game that Mario is not only the hero but Luigi as well. If you are looking for a game to start in the saga, without a doubt, Luigi’s Mansion 3 is the best way to go!

What do you think? Is the Nintendo Switch Luigi’s Mansion the best or do you prefer the original? Comment now on the forums!