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Is Unrecord a real game or a convincing fake?

With a simple demonstration of Unreal Engine 5, they have silenced their critics on social networks.

Unrecord has stirred up social networks in the last few days. Out of nowhere has emerged a video of a hyper-realistic game with an incredible level of detail.  It even looks like a video of a war zone, something that has made many automatically react by saying that it is not a real game.

Because of this, an avalanche of players came to the Discord of the game stressing that everything was a lie. However, DRAMA (the studio behind the game) took it all quite calmly and, just yesterday, shared a video on Twitter confirming what everyone was waiting for.

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The future of video games?

A few days ago, Epic Games already said it: The future of games is hyperrealism. And they proved it with a live graphic test of Unreal Engine 5 where we could see the tip of the iceberg. But Epic confirmed that we were not yet ready for what was coming in the gaming industry.


After these statements, many of us thought that this would take years. But, less than a month later, an incredible video has emerged on social networks: A video demo of a hyper-realistic FPS game that looks like a war scene. Describing the video in words is not enough for how innovative and amazing this little teaser from Unrecord is. But, on the other hand, this has caused many to distrust this new studio.

However, the DRAMA studio has always been very open with the development of their game through Discord. So many players have taken the decision to resolve their doubts (and many others to insult nonsense for an alleged “fake”) through the game’s discord. Surprisingly, a few hours after the avalanche was created, the studio shared a video on Twitter.

In this video, we can see how one of the developers shows the game from the Unreal Engine 5 interface. Therefore, we can see how the textures are updated, the resolution of the textures, and more. But, even more important, we can see the character shooting to confirm that it is a real game. Therefore, many mouths were silenced, and the rest, we are looking forward to the release of this madness that may be the future of video games.

Watch the viral video of Unrecord down below!