Is World War Z: Aftermath worth buying?

Is World War Z: Aftermath worth buying? Aftermath is a DLC for the 2019 co-op zombie shooter video game World War Z. As the name implies, the game was an adaptation of the popular zombie movie of the same name that starred Brad Pitt among others.

The Base Game

Is World War Z: Aftermath worth buying?

Before learning about the expansion in question, it’s better to know what kind of game World War Z was in its original state. It was a fun third-person zombie shooter experience that allowed you to pick from a cast of four characters with different voices and personalities. While the characters aren’t the forte of the game, it was nice to see them fully voiced and appear differently from each other.

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While the co-op PVE mode was fun, the base game only featured a few episodes, or levels. They were fairly replayable thanks to the fun combat and varied weapons, but it would get monotonous after multiple playthroughs.

The zombies of this game are definitely worth talking about. Unlike zombies from many other games, these undead monsters are terrifyingly agile, and they climb up on each other to reach you, even if you’re in a high place like a wall or a balcony. In that, it stays very loyal to the unique zombies from the film which made it quite enjoyable and distinct from others.

Overall, the base game was fun but it lacked content.

World War Z: Aftermath

Is World War Z: Aftermath worth buying?

The original game had a plot of sorts and the all-new levels of the Aftermath DLC adds to that. It features Rome, Vatican and Russia (Kamachatka) as new areas to make a stand against the zombie horde. A recent update called “Against All Odds” added a lot of new features and content. New York and Jerusalem have been added as Horde Mode Z maps. If you didn’t know, Horde Mode allows you to fight endless swarms of zombies in an attempt to defend yourself.

This expansion included a first-person mode and that meant an all-new way to experience this fast-paced and action-packed shooter. Eight unique new classes have also been added, each of them with their own features and advantages. Not to mention the huge arsenal of customizable weapons.

Is World War Z: Aftermath worth buying?

Overall, this expansion is totally worth buying and there’s a ton of fun to be had with this game. With the free content of Against All Odds and regular updates, the developers provide great support for the game and the players alike.

On Steam, World War Z: Aftermath Deluxe Edition is available for $49.99. It includes all the new weapon additions and skin packs for the Aftermath expansion as well. Considering all the aforementioned details and much more, I’d say that World War Z: Aftermath is indeed worth buying.