Italy: Land of Wonders is now available for free

Italy: Land of Wonders

Italy: Land of Wonders presents the wonders of this European country that has greatly influenced many cultures.

The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced that Italy: Land of Wonders, a mobile game that teaches the globe about all of Italy’s wonders, is now available around the world. Collect the 20 sparks to make the sun shine every day with Elio.

A journey through Italy’s cultural heritage

Italy: Land of Wonders has over 100 levels of puzzle games, each including a 3D re-creation of an iconic Italian location, in a wonderfully interesting adventure. Discover the coast and mountains, towns and castles, customs and stories of this fantastic and lovely nation.

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At the start of your adventure, players encounter Elio, the ancient lighthouse keeper who ignites the sun that would beam over the land every morning. To maintain the sun rising over Italy, the player must gather 20 sparks, one for each of Italy’s 20 regions, in order to light the lighthouse and restore the sun’s rays.

Designed not only for those who already know Italy, but also for those who want to discover it, Italy: Land of Wonders also serves as a travel guide, thanks to a collection of 600 articles full of stories, news, and curious facts, all collected in a browsable album and accompanied by original scores inspired by the great Italian classics, from opera to baroque, including famous movie soundtracks.

Italy: Land of Wonders is available worldwide on Android and iOS. The game has more than 100,000 downloads to date.

Watch the trailer of the game down below!

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